Dates: 21 May ~ 20 June
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Gemini In Career & Work

Geminis are very intelligent individuals. They live in their mind; hence they are very good at work that involves making use of their minds. Being highly restless they will not be able to stick to a 9 to 5 regular job. They always need to be kept on their toes and provided constant challenges to make them perform in their job.

They are free spirited individuals who do not like to be restricted to one place, thus they can work better as freelancers, where they are their own boss. With their superior communicative skills they can do well in media and television industry. They can be good actors, orators, news readers, anchors, musicians, artists, writers, photographers, etc.

They will do well in creative fields. They want to work in a place where they can freely express their opinions and creativity. They need a working environment where they can exercise their mental freedom. Some of the suitable career options for them are reporters, journalists, educationist, novelist, translator, merchant, publicist, mediator, sculptor, salesperson, accountant, public relations, researchers' etc.

They are not overambitious and highly dedicated individuals. They will just do the bare minimum that is required of them. Working overtime of extra is not their cup of tea. But as long as the job is intellectually stimulating the will put their heart and soul in it.


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