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Gemini Horoscope Today

Tuesday: August 20, 2019

Today, you'll find yourself coveting something that someone else is discarding—apparently the saying that 'one person's trash is another person's treasure' is true! Go ahead and swoop down on this discarded person, project, or piece of pizza. Stake your claim. You see possibilities where other people only see disappointment, and you have the know-how to make the most of this trashy treasure. Plus, you are opening yourself up to a new way of thinking. It's healthy and will create powerful results.

Gemini Horoscope Tomorrow

Wednesday: August 21, 2019

An unthinking person might blurt out something that hurts your feelings today—but getting all emotional about it is not going to help you feel better. Calmly ask this person to clarify what they mean, and they will probably be mortified that what they said upset you. These types of misunderstandings are going to be common right now, unfortunately—your emotions are right under the surface, through a tissue paper-thin layer that will be easily pricked.

Gemini Horoscope Yesterday

Monday: August 19, 2019

This day is well-suited for action, but not so perfect for deep thought or contemplation. Your brain is a bit sluggish when it comes to new plans right now, but your physical self is ready to get moving. A new sport or active hobby sounds great. But concentration? Not so appealing. Don't expect a lot of success in terms of understanding complicated ideas or strategies. It's not an ideal day for taking a test or writing a report, so if that was on your schedule, try to move it to another day.


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