Dates: 21 May ~ 20 June
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How To Attract

Different ways to attract Gemini

The best way to attract a Gemini is by providing them new challenges and keeping them occupied in intelligent conversation. They love to solve mysteries and venture into the unknown, hence as long as they have something to explore they will always be on the move.

Monotony and boredom will put them off; hence do not try to make their life boring. They are more attracted by a person's intelligence than their looks. They love people who talk and provide them company in their intellectual discussions. They like people who go out, have fun and are always on the move.

Stagnancy is not a part of their life. Since they are very expressive, they like similar people who can express themselves through their body language as well as words. Give them puzzles, mysteries, difficult equations and confusing questions, they will love to solve them. They need partners with quick mind and wits.

They are afraid of being hurt or cheated; hence they keep their emotions to themselves. Do not try to be too pushy and close with them. They like to maintain their distance and one need to respect it. If their trust is broken it is difficult to get it back. They are not the ones to plan carefully before doing anything; they are spontaneous and like it that way.


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