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Gemini Love Horoscope Today

Friday: September 24, 2021

Today's Love: You're looking towards the future and planning ahead, Gemini. Whether you're single or already attached, a sweet trine between Mars in your fifth house of love and Saturn retrograde via your expansive ninth house of belief systems presents you with clarity and a confident sense of direction. Where to next? For some of you, this synergy will be what inspires your next getaway, perhaps to visit your cutie. On another note, however, the moon will continue shaking up your secretive twelfth house and directly oppose Venus via your responsible sixth house of due diligence. Take a well-deserved break and call it a day—more reason to go on vacay with bae.

Today's Dating: Set a spark off in some part of your social scene, and then sit back and watch the fire blaze. It's not your job to keep things moving -- but right now it's your job to start the action.

Gemini Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: September 25, 2021

Tomorrow's Love: If it turns you on—literally and figuratively—then it may very well be worth it, Gemini. For instance, go-getter Mars continues to ignite your passionate fifth house of love, romance, and self-expression, turning up the heat when it comes to your carnal desires and creatrive musings, but there's more. Mars will be in harmony with Saturn retrograde via your expansive ninth house of adventure, belief systems, and unknown territory, presenting you with the clarity and structure needed to take this leap of faith for love. Now, Venus is hovering over your responsible sixth house of due diligence, so try to not get fixated on the details.

Tomorrow's Dating: You are in a good place to make a profound discovery that will send you in the right direction toward something awesome. Don't be afraid to look deeply into the stuff you're not sure about just yet.

Gemini Love Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: September 23, 2021

Yesterday's Love: The moon slips into stability-seeking Taurus via your twelfth house of closure, dreams, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, highlighting everything from your karmic connections to your hidden agendas, but there's more. Luna will face off with Saturn—celestial ruler of your erotic eighth house of intimacy—amidst its retrograde journey through your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory. Single? You're likely feeling inhibited towards the thought of opening your heart to someone, Gemini. Take a moment to reflect on where this is stemming from. Venus' opposition to Uranus could potentially trigger some unexpected events when it comes to love. Go with the flow.

Yesterday's Dating: Communication is easy and life keeps getting better for you. Your understanding of the current situation is at an all-time high. If there's a flirtation going on, ramp it up and see what happens next.


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