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The Gemini Man

A Gemini man is restless and fidgety. He will be constantly on the move, never able to stick to one place or one thing. They are very impatient but those who learn to live with it will be treated with the greatest company full of fun and excitement.

A Gemini man has a dual nature which can sometimes expand to three or four. He is very friendly, easy going and loves to be in the company of fun loving people. He is a very good conversationalist and can talk about anything and everything under the sky.

He has a very good sense of humor which keeps people attracted to him. Whatever he is on the inside, he is the same on the outside as well, which means he never pretends to be someone who he is not. Thus what you see of him is what he actually is. He loves giving surprises to people and making them happy. He is quick in changing minds and plans, so sometimes it becomes difficult to trust him. Do not always take seriously what he says. He might tell you something and forget about it. Stability, security and consistency are not his cup of tea.

He is a wanderer and likes to hop around from one place to another. Being confined to one place suffocates him. Even though he is friendly with everyone, he does not like people getting too close to him. Monotony in life completely puts him off and he will always be on the lookout for fun and excitement.


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