Dates: 21 May ~ 20 June
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The Gemini Woman

Just like her male counterpart, even a Gemini woman has a dual personality. She will exhibit different traits at different points of time. She is restless and finds it difficult to commit to one thing for a long time. It is difficult for her to be involved with one person or one place for a long time.

She is very passionate, fun loving and youthful. She can be appreciative and sarcastic at the same time. However she doesn't mean to hurt people with her comments and remarks, it's just a part of her personality. They can be romantic when in love and their superior communicative skills make them a very good partner.

She is intelligent, expressive, and lively and wants to live life to the fullest. She does not get grounded by her troubles and loves to put up a strong fight. But this will happen as long as it interests her, if she loses interest in something, she will simply walk out. As a lover she can be very interesting and pleasing.

She will make you fall in love with her every day, with a variety of ways she uses to express her love. She is very cheerful and can light up even the saddest situations. They are very graceful and will be perfect hostess. She is good in getting along with anyone, anywhere. She is very imaginative, full of hopes, dreams and desires. She has an open mind and a very generous heart.


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